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Coaching and Hypnotherapy

From Intention to Action

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What our customers are saying

As a Psychotherapist, I have studied and experienced many healing modalities. My work with Jannick has introduced me to coaching and I have found that I moved quickly from vision to action. This has greatly improved my private practice. I appreciate Jannick’s sensitivity,perceptiveness and support.

- Kathy, Psychotherapist, Ph.D.

What our customers are saying

Jannick's skills, high level of intuition, clarity, compassion and wisdom provide me with the support and insight to go to new places in my thinking and actions where I wouldn't have gone otherwise. Over and over, she offers me a unique, creative perspective that shines a new light on myself and my life which is so valuable and which I appreciate so much.

- Jeannie, Professional Life Coach, Ph.d.

What our customers are saying

Jannick is a great coach--very compassionate and intuitive, tuned into her clients' feelings and needs. She has a gentle yet direct approach that I find very useful. In the few months that she has been working with me, I have gained a lot of clarity regarding future goals and plans. She also creates a very safe atmosphere in which to talk about issues that make one feel vulnerable or self-conscious. I'm very grateful.

- Jenna, Poet and Writer

What our customers are saying

Insightful and compassionate, Jannick gives me the best attention and the best support of my week.

- France Laude, NEA Instructor and French Teacher

What our customers are saying

Coaching with Jannick has helped me to focus on one issue at a time and slow down. I choose to live in the solution and take action. I find it helps me move on with my life and become unstuck. The intake also helped me greatly in being aware of myself and where I need to grow.

- Theresa, Massage Therapist and Nursing Student

What our customers are saying

Working with Jannick has helped bring a level of clarity, focus, and commitment to my life that I could not have achieved on my own. The weekly coaching sessions with her keep me on track with my longer-term goals by providing a supportive framework for the specific shorter-term steps I need to take. Jannick gives me perspective, feedback, gentle guidance, and an occasional push. I feel very safe sharing my process with her each week - my doubts, my concerns, my accomplishments, etc. Jannick intuitively asks the questions that reach stuck places inside myself, and then helps me frame these places in a new, positive light.

- Beth, Self-employed Pet Care Professional